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Our Mission

To support the future of our world's zoos and aquariums in their education and conservation efforts by creating experiences of wonder and excitement in their guests.


Creating the next generation of zoological and ocean stewards...

What happens when a group of seasoned Hollywood entertainment professionals are brought together by a love of animals, adventure, and deep desire to help make the world a better place? The opportunity for a brighter tomorrow.

We provide shows, but what we really do is to create a desire for caring. In an increasingly "me centric" social media dominated world we use our shows to break through to people and cause emotions of excitement, joy, and wonder about the natural world before transitioning those audience emotions on to the exhibits and messages of our zoo and aquarium clients.

Our signature approach is to collaborate as a unified project team rather than dictate. Our family-friendly staff of entertainers, press relations experts, dive team members, educators, and marine biologists work in partnership with your existing zoo and aquarium staff members to support your unique preservation, entertainment, and conservation messages via our thematic shows and experiences for guests.

Our shows for zoos and aquariums:

  • Are designed to please your marketing team while not angering your husbandry staff.
  • Help raise ticket sales and "gate count numbers" to help raise money to provide the food, care, and environments necessary for the animals in your care.
  • Envelop visitors in heightened feelings of joy, wonder, and learning relating to our topics so that their curiosity about the natural world can be peaked and trigger a desire to learn (and eventually "do") more.
  • Spend the time getting to know you - your people, your aquarium or zoo, your school standards, and your local environmental concerns so that we can modify and deploy our shows in ways that will resonate with your own mission while delivering it with flair and showmanship.
  • Keep costs down on hiring us by only featuring trained actors, not animals, eliminating both costs and quarantine concerns while tying back to your exhibits and keeping the focus on your own resident animal stars.
  • Take animal and habitat concerns in to account when working in the water or around animals to cause minimal disruption to water clarity, safety, or animal stress.