Capturing the dynamic beauty of the ocean

When humans embrace art they discover a side of their soul that speaks to timeless importance and soul-shattering truths.

In this extraordinary zoo or aquarium lecture experience professional and amateur photographers are invited to meet one of the most highly acclaimed underwater photographers of the current era and fuel their inspiration with the underwater world before looking through their camera lenses with fresh perspective.

Photographers start at your zoo or aquarium with a behind the scenes lecture, tips, tricks, and art reflection from Vogue underwater photographer Brenda Stumpf revolving around her travels in the Pacific Ocean and North America before moving on to capture your Aquarium’s wildlife or our Hollywood-trained mermaids on film.

Best offered as an after hours exclusive event at your zoo or aquarium to ensure clean camera angles and uninterrupted focus, Beauty of the Deep gives your guests the opportunity to have a feature film level mentoring and environmental experience while showcasing your zoo or aquarium institution and promoting your extraordinary events.



Respect for the Ocean

Photography Tips & Tricks

Safety Suggestions and Awareness

Behind the Scenes Stories

Art Reflections and Impacts

Underwater Photography Styles

Working With Underwater Models

Reef safe swimming mermaid tails are made of surgical grade materials

All performers are certified American Red Cross lifeguards and are current on first aid, CPR, and AED training

Performers have free diving, educational, children's water safety, SCUBA, and underwater modeling training



Up to two 45 minute lectures per day

Swimming Mermaid Option
Up to four 15 minute underwater appearances for photos per mermaid (or underwtaer model) per day



Magical & Educational

“All the Characters were fabulous and fun! Interacted well with all ages. I was especially impressed with how wonderfully they interacted with the kids. Especially liked the conservation message that went along with the Mermaid talk, so that the message was educational as well as magical.”

— Carlyn J.


“AMAZING! [The mermaid] was beautiful, sweet, played the part perfectly and was a joy to work with. She made everyone's day as she greeted guests when they walked in. She was everything you could ever want in a mermaid and more. :) I'd like to request her every year!!! Three cheers!!"

— Kim K.

Best of All.

“They were completely professional but best of all they really were able to connect with our campers. They took their time to make it interactive and informative and were able to keep control of the groups by keeping them engaged and entertained.”

Jeanine H.



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