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Our Mission

To support the future of our world's zoos and aquariums in their education and conservation efforts by creating experiences of wonder and excitement in their guests.


Dive In To Details

Who Are You?

ZooShows is a specialty educational entertainment division of Sheroes Entertainment, LLC - Hollywood's leading themed entertainment show provider for immersive family-friendly characters lead by its resident marine biology, aquarium dive team, and science center educators.

We are a member of The Western Fairs Association, one of the badge development centers for the Girl Scouts, are accredited by the American Red Cross for safety, and have performed in over 1,000 live action events for over 100,000 people.

We draw an enormous crowd and have been featured in/on: E!, Seventeen, Marie Claire, US Weekly, KTLA, Sony, CBS, Fox Sports, and Buzzfeed to name a few. Typically when there's a massive Hollywood film production on the line with a tight schedule we get called - we're that good at what we do.  

Are You Insured?

YES. We're one of the only themed entertainment companies with both general liability and worker's compensation policies and can provide a free certificate of insurance and/or additionally insured wording with 2 weeks prior notice. Any additional wording, subrogation, etc. costs more for the insurance company. Let us know up front if you will need anything special with that area so that we quote you appropriately. Any specialty insurance wording requirements must be paid in full before they are processed.

Are the Costumes Animal-Friendly?

Yes. The mermaid costumes have appeared at The Aquarium of the Pacific and Ocean Institute to name two. They are surgical grade, non-toxic, dragon skin silicone - the same materials your rescue divers or husbandry staff have on their diving masks. Unlike cheaper options on the market (such as companies that use cheaper latex or fabric tails which release dye and chemical toxins), dragon skin is the safest water costuming product on the market - it is water-stable and does not chemically react with the water.

All accents are securely sewn on (where needed) to ensure that they stay on the performer and do not fall off / are not ingested by animals.


How Much Does This Cost?

Pricing is based on location, show duration, number of days, number of performers needed, and custom theme request add-ons. As a result we do not have a "one price fits all" for our shows. The clearer the idea that you have the easier it will be for us to provide you with an accurate quote. Please write to us through our contact form.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

We require payment in full for travel, lodging, flights, and custom requests or materials up front as these services are not refundable. Shows over two weeks in length are required to pay twice a month to keep us in compliance with state Prompt Payment laws. Shows less than two weeks in length are required to pay at time of completion.

What Space / Things Do You Need?

At a minimum, one green room / changing room space near the performance area with a locking ability to protect props and property, parking spots for performers, microphones for land performers, access ID tags for all performers, access to drinking water and bathrooms, and shade for performers. Mermaids require access to a shower and stage access without stairs.

Performers require at least 60 minutes between shows for breaks to rest, reset their gear, warm up (water acts), and use the bathroom etc.

Any water appearance areas must be 74 degrees (F) or higher for animal habitats, 84 degrees (F) or higher for pool-type areas. The warmer the water is the longer the performers can work for.

If our team is pairing with your SCUBA staff we need to have a rehearsal and consultation before beginning performances with them to review the exhibit layout, safety management procedures, and your specific animal welfare, OSHA, and ISO protocols.

Can You Come To My Country?

Quite possibly! We travel internationally with the exclusion of any countries currently under trade or travel restrictions with the US government or under terrorism watch list warnings.

What Type of Training Do The Performers Have?

  • All of our performers are employees who have completed a minimum of 3-12 months of training in child entertainment, education, performance skills, and guest hospitality.
  • Mermaid performers are certified American Red Cross lifeguards and are current on first aid, CPR, and AED training
  • Mermaid performers have SCUBA experience, free diving, educational, children's water safety, and underwater modeling training
  • Our team attends in-services monthly to ensure that our content is up to date and

What School Standards Do You Meet?

A LOT of them! We can also adapt our shows to suit your own site's needs such as integrating specific messaging about a key animal or exhibit. For a comparison to your state please contact us with the grade you are interested in through our contact form.

Do You Use Animals In Your Show?

No, we do not bring animals with us.... although those mermaids do have great fins! We provide human actors who are able to work with your own on-site team and animals if desired.

Do You Provide Stages Or Decorations?

No. We only provide the things that we need to do our shows, e.g. costumes, accessories, safety equipment, and props that our actors wear.

What Other Types Of People Do You Have?

Themed Attraction Analysis & Flow Consultants, Marine Biologists, Certified Rescue Divers, Lifeguards, Press Consultants, Social Media Experts, Underwater Film Teams, Underwater Film Coordinators, Graphic Artists, Costume Designers, Set Decorators, and Underwater Event Photographers