Celebrating Ocean's Diversity & Cultures

Regardless of if we use feet or fins we all share the waters of the world. Dive in to global discovery as our siren story tellers make the world of water come alive with of the diversity of people and animals who call our oceans home.

Each of our swimming mermaids has their own unique cultural stories based on their native habitats and journeys around the world. Will you learn about the breathtaking Chinese Dragon Boat Festival with Mermaid Lily? Hear about the spicy wonders of New Oreans jazz and jambalaya with Mermaid Merici? Or maybe dive in to discovery of the California kelp forests and Hollywood glam-mer with Catalina Mermaid?

Sea of Diversity is a one-of-a-kind show that makes learning foreign languages and culture fun. At the end of the show your zoo or aquarium guests will know elements of three unique communication methods, have an increased awareness in working with friends or family with hearing difficulties, and be able to immediately start using their new skills while exploring exhibits at your facility.

While this show can be land-based only, its messages of global outreach and "try" really shine when the audience is transitioned from the show to work with a real swimming mermaid where guests looking through the glass can practice talking to her while she is under water!



"As Real as It Gets" swimming performers

Fully insured, multi-ethnic cast

Spanish speaking performer available

Global Mermaid Stories

Aqua ASL / American Sign Language

Seated Hula Dance / Body Language

SCUBA Signals & Dive Signs

Rated "G," modest costumes, language, and manners

Reef safe swimming mermaid tails are made of surgical grade materials

Swimming portions are adaptable for tide pool touch tanks (non-swimming) and shallow water areas


Up to four 15 minute underwater shows per day per mermaid

Non-Swimming / Meet & Greet
Up to three 20 minute sessions per day per mermaid when combined with swimming appearances


Up to four 45 minute sessions per day per mermaid when not combined with swimming appearances





“Simply wonderful! This was what my daughter needed to see.”

— C.Z.

Mermaids are Real

“Mermaids ARE real.”

— The Orange County Register

Really Good

“This crew is really good at what they do.”

— Backstage Magazine



Inspiration matters.

Call us at (805) 328-4911 and show children that they can be anything that they want to be.